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 Research Overview
Combination Electro-Thermal Probe
Electro-Optic Polymers
Electro-Optic Imaging of Radiation Patterns
Sensitivity-Testing for Space Radiation Effects
Photoconductive Potential Measurements
Other Research Presentations

Faculty:  John Whitaker - Herb Winful - Emmett Leith - Linda Katehi
Research Fellow: 
Kyoung Yang
Collaborators:  Dave Martin (Univ. of Michigan) - Amir Mortazawi (NCSU)
Graduate Students:  Jason Deibel - Ron Reano - Eric Pooler - Carrie Harder -  Zachary Wilkes
Undergraduate Student:  Bill Schaeffer
Recent Graduate Student: 
Alronzo Ruffin

Research Overview:
The activities within the Ultrafast Technology and Terahertz Optoelectronics Laboratory may best be described as a marriage of optics and electronics.  Here, ultrafast laser pulses are used with novel optoelectronic devices to generate and measure electrical pulses of the shortest possible durations.  These signals, which have bandwidths in excess of one terahertz (1012 Hz), can be guided and used to investigate the operation of new electrical interconnects or integrated circuits, or they can be formed into radiating "terahertz beams" and used for spectroscopic applications.

Other Research Presentations:
Electro-Optic Field 
Mapping in Microwave 
Integrated Circuits

PDF File: 189 kB 
Ultrafast Electronic Probe 
with Ultrafine Spatial 

PDF File: 2065 kB
Fiber-Coupled Photoconductive 
Sampling Probe with 
15 nV/sqrt(Hz) Sensitivity

PDF File: 1447 kB
Field-Sensitive Photoconductive 
Sampling with Integrated
Source Follower

PDF File: 1822 kB
Electro-Optic Sampling

PDF File: 1258 kB

PDF File: 993 kB
Coherent Time-Domain 
Spectrometer & 
Terahertz Properties 
of Dielectric Substrates

PDF File: 972 kB
Excitation of Coherent 
Phonons in Antimony

PDF File: 459 kB

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