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The fundamental research goal at CUOS is to investigate the production and application of ultrashort optical pulses.  This includes exploring the ultimate limits in short pulse duration (the single cycle) as well as enhancing the generation of the ultrahigh intensities (> 1018 W/cm2) that are a natural feature of ultrashort pulses.  Applications of these pulses span virtually all fields of science, including physics, chemistry, and biology, as well as technology in electronics, photonics and imaging. In its diversified role at the leading edge of science, ultrafast optics is essential to the successful development of tomorrow's critical technologies -- high-speed computers, fiber optics communications, biotechnology, medicine, and energetics.

CUOS strives to maintain a highly congenial intellectual environment.  It is a place that eradicates the distinction between scientists and engineers, and where top-notch investigators can conduct research critical to this nation's agenda.  A group of more than fifty faculty members, primary researchers, and graduate and undergraduate students from a variety of disciplines conduct their research in 15,000 square feet of contiguous laboratories and offices.  This multidisciplinary setting provides an exceptional training ground for graduate and undergraduate students since they are constantly exposed to the latest scientific ideas and surrounded by the world's finest equipment and expertise.

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