Subscribe to the KEECS Mailing List

If you are affiliated with the University of Michigan, and so have your uniqname, you can go to to subscribe to our mailing list for yourself:
  1. Click the Bind button. (Before you can make changes to the directory, you must "bind" to the directory as yourself.)
  2. At the login screen, enter your uniqname and UMICH password, then click Log in.
  3. In the Search text box at the upper left corner of your window, enter 'KEECS', then click the Search button.
  4. The directory entry for the group will be displayed. Click the Join button to the left of the group name.
  5. When you are finished using the directory, click the Unbind button at the top of the page, click logout (in the bottom right corner of the page), and quit or exit your Web browser.
Click here for more information. If you have any problem subscribing, contact keecs at

If you have graduated and don't maintain your ITD email account ( any more, contact keecs at to add your current email address to the mailing list.

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