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Mohammed Islam

ECE Division
Optical Sciences Laboratory

1110 EECS
1301 Beal Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2122

(734) 647-9700
FAX: (734) 647-2718

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Research Projects:

Research Overview:

Our group's core competency is in fibers and semiconductors and their unique applications at optical wavelengths beyond one micron in areas as diverse as bio-medicine, chemical sensing, semiconductor processing, and communication networks and systems. Currently there are three major thrusts in the group: Mid-Infrared Light Sources, High-Performance Optical Routers and All-Optical Communication Networks.

In Mid-Infrared Light Sources, we are developing light sources for the wavelength range between 2 and 6.5 microns for a number of unique applications. The light source is based on a cladding pumped fiber laser followed by Raman wavelength shifters. Unique applications are being studied in advanced semiconductor process control, combustion monitoring, military applications such as infrared countermeasures and chemical sensing, and bio-medical selective ablation of cancerous tissue.

In Optical Routers, research is being conducted on introducing photonics into high-performance routers to exploit the natural advantages of light. In one project, an optical switching core based on MEMS switches and fiber interconnects is used in 100Tb/s aggregate capacity optical routers to reduce the size, power dissipation and cost of the switch while avoiding intermediate optical-to-electric-to-optical conversions. In another project, a broadcast- and-select optical fabric and MEMS filters are used to create a switching core for multicast routers. Finally, for data-in-the-optical domain network (DOD-N) routers, ultrafast switching devices are investigated based on semiconductor optical amplifiers place in interferometric structures.

Finally, in the area of all-optical communication networks, we are conducting research on enhancements of communication networks that use wavelength-division-multiplexing and optical amplifiers. In one project, secure communication networks are investiaged based on advanced optical monitoring, high-resiliency optical amplifiers and unique modulation schemes. In another project, networks for bursty traffic are studied, enabling IP on glass or, for that matter, any-data-format on glass. Finally, advance modulation formats such as polarization shift keying are being studied for high-bit-rate, low-cross-talk communication with reduced probability of eavesdropping.

Our group is very entrepreneurial, and we have had a number of start-up companies spun-out of our group including Xtera Communications, AccuPhotonics, Celeste Optics and Cheetah Omni. Moreover, we have collaborations with a number of industrial partners including IBM, Corning, Sarnoff, Alcatel, MCI, and Xtera.

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