A Geometric Approach to Nonlinear Control

For a Quadrotor UAV on SE (3)




Harris McClamroch

Professor Emeritius

University of Michigan

Department of Aerospace Engineering

Friday, January 18, 2013

3:30 – 4:30 pm

1500 EECS (Open to the Public)



ABSTRACT:  A popular small flight vehicle, a quad rotor unmanned aerial vehicle, is introduced and used to describe a novel geometric approach to modeling, flight control design and analysis, and flight simulation.  This novel approach is based on the description of rigid body motion in 3D using the mathematical structure of the special Euclidean group SE(3).  The relative simplicity and generality of this approach for many nonlinear control problem are illustrated using the quad rotor UAV.



BIO:  Harris McClamroch has been a faculty member at the University of Michigan since 1967.  He  was Professor and past Chair of the Department of Aerospace Engineering.   He is currently Professor Emeritius of Aerospace Engineering.  He has numerous publications, mostly in collaboration with his twenty-seven PhD students, on theoretical control problems and control applications arising in robotics and aerospace flight vehicles.  He is a Fellow of the IEEE and a recipient of several IEEE awards.  He served as Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, and he was the President of the IEEE Control Systems Society in 1998.