"Design Factory" for Powertrain Control Systems

Shiva Sivashankar
Ford Motor Company

This talk will focus on a powertrain control system development process in the automotive industry. The product and process innovations that are carried out in research and advanced engineering organizations are incorporated into a product through a systematic development process. The complexity involved in developing multiple products for a global market inevitably leads to the notion of a "Design Factory" where subsystem designs are assembled to create the final product design. This concept is similar to an assembly line in a factory where parts are assembled to manufacture a product. The automation of the "Design Factory" is accomplished by using Computer Aided Control System Design (CACSD) techniques and tools selectively throughout the design process. Some of the issues, challenges and opportunities in a "Design Factory" for powertrain control systems will be described in this presentation. A very flexible multi-user modeling environment has been implemented to support extensive use of model based product development. This modeling environment will also be described in this presentation.