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Girls in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, gEECS for short, was founded in 2002. We are a student-run organization at the University of Michigan dedicated to encouraging the professional, academic, and social development of women in technology-related fields of study.

In an effort to promote the education and success of technologically inclined women, gEECS reaches out to women ranging from middle school girls to graduate students. Currently the number of women in EECS is steadily decreasing and we hope to help change that.

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In order to make gEECS as accessible as possible for everyone, there are no dues or service hour requirements.

Simply fill out the form here then just start coming to functions!

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Sponsorship is a great way to support our mission and reach out to our members. Through sponsorship, you can help gEECS organize events such as Meet & Greets with company representatives, outreach programs, study days and more. We are a University of Micigan sponsored organization and so donating is secure and easy.

To learn more, please click on our sponsor tab.

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What We Do

gEECS organizes a variety of social, professional, and academic events for our members. To check what events we're holding, please check the calendar on our front page. For even more EECS events and opportunities, please check the gEECS facebook page and our weekly member emails.

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Whether you'd like to tell us about an upcoming event, give us a helping hand, or just have a question, please send us an email at

Our office is located in room 1645 Betty Beyster Building (first floor of BBB across from staircase) on the University of Michigan North Campus.

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Our members have had incredible opportunities through our sponsors. These range from talking with industry representatives, to going to the Grace Hopper Conference. Our organization tries our very best to provide everything free of cost to our members. In order to keep offering great resources and opportunities, we rely on external financial support to acheive our mission.

If you have anyquestions, comments or concerns, please email us at We'll be happy to answer your question and walk you through the process.


For companies, sponsoring gEECS comes with additional benefits. These range from receving a resume book of all of our ~100 members, to being able to sponsor Meet & Greet events, to being featured on our website and weekly e-mails. We have a variety of sponsorship tiers, and more details can be found in our sponsorship guide below.
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The process of becoming a sponsor is simple and secure. We are officially a University Sponsored Organiztion, which means that donations can be made through the University of Michigan website. We ask that sponsors fill out a short form before donating so we can get to know you and thank you.