KEYNOTE TALK - Nataraj Nagaratnam

Security for a Smarter Planet

Bit by bit, our planet is getting smarter. By this, we mean the systems that run, the way we live and work as a society. Three things have brought this about - the world is becoming instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. Given the planet is becoming instrumented and interconnected, this opens up more risks that need to be managed. Escalating security and privacy concerns along with a renewed focus on organizational oversight are driving governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) to the forefront of the business. Compliance regulations have increasingly played a larger role by attempting to establish processes and controls that mitigate the internal and external risks organizations have today. To effectively meet the requirements of GRC, companies must prove that they have strong and consistent controls over who has access to critical applications and data. Security has to be applied within a business context and fused into the fabric of business and not as a widget to solve the next security threat. This presentation will discuss challenges planet face, what companies, societies, governments need to be doing to address these challenges, and technical approach around a solution.


Dr. Nataraj Nagaratnam is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, and Chief Technology Officer for Software Brands at India Software Lab. In his broader role at ISL, he drives cross brand integration & innovation projects at the lab. He is also the Chief Security Architect for Identity Management and SOA Security in IBM, with responsibilities in driving Tivoli security product technical strategy and architecture in these areas. During his career at IBM, he has been the lead security architect for WebSphere Application Server, and then the lead security architect for WebSphere Platform. He leads and participates in various open standards activities in standards organizations including JCP, OASIS, WS-I, and GGF. He has authored and co-authored numerous journal articles, papers, books and security specifications, including the book on Enterprise Java Security published by Addison Wesley. Nataraj received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Syracuse University in 1998.