Ballroom - Wednesday May 23rd 2012


9:00-10:30 Paper Session VII - Augmented Instruments II


9:00-9:20 Extracting Human Expression For Interactive Composition with the Augmented Violin

Mari Kimura, Nicolas Rasamimanana, Frédéric Bevilacqua


9:20-9:45 A Quantitative Comparison of Position Trackers for the Development of a Touch-less Musical Interface

Gabriel Vigliensoni, Marcelo M. Wanderley


9:45-10:05 SABRe: The Augmented Bass Clarinet (canceled)

Sébastien Schiesser, Jan C. Schacher


10:05-10:30 Direct and surrogate sensing for the Gyil african xylophone

Shawn Trail, Tiago Fernandes Tavares, Dan Godlovitch, George Tzanetakis


11:00-12:15 Keynote 2: David Huron

Sound in Action


2:30-3:30 Paper Session VIII - Hardware platforms & toolkits


2:30-2:50 To be inside someone else’s dream: On Music for Sleeping & Waking Minds

Gascia Ouzounian, R. Benjamin Knapp, Eric Lyon, R. Luke DuBois


2:50-3:10 The JD-1: an Implementation of a Hybrid Keyboard/Sequencer Controller for Analog Synthesizers

Jeff Snyder, Andrew McPherson


3:10-3:30 Musical Interaction Design with the CUI32Stem: Wireless Options and the GROVE system for prototyping new interfaces

Dan Overholt


4:00-5:00 Paper Session IX - Augmented Instruments III


4:00-4:20 Techniques and Circuits for Electromagnetic Instrument Actuation

Andrew McPherson


4:20-4:40 OMaxist Dialectics: Capturing, Visualizing and Expanding Improvisations

Benjamin Lévy, Georges Bloch, Gérard Assayag


4:40-5:00 An Electronic Bagpipe Chanter for Automatic Recognition of Highland Piping Ornamentation

Duncan W. H. Menzies, Andrew McPherson