Henderson - Monday May 21, 2012                       1:30-2:30 Posters & Demos


Sonik Spring

Tomás Henriques


DrumTop: Playing with Everyday Objects

Akito van Troyer


The EMvibe: An Electromagnetically Actuated Vibraphone

N. Cameron Britt, Jeff Snyder, Andrew McPherson


The ‘interactive Music Awareness Program’ (IMAP) for Cochlear Implant Users

Benjamin R. Oliver, Rachel M. van Besouw, David R. Nicholls


SenSynth: a Mobile Application for Dynamic Sensor to Sound Mapping

Ryan McGee, Daniel Ashbrook, Sean White


The Electrumpet, Additions and Revisions

Hans Leeuw


Borderlands: An Audiovisual Interface for Granular Synthesis

Chris Carlson, Ge Wang


The Sound Space as Musical Instrument: Playing Corpus-Based Concatenative Synthesis

Diemo Schwarz