Henderson - Wednesday May 23, 2012                 1:30-2:30 Posters & Demos


Unsupervised Play: Machine Learning Toolkit for Max

Benjamin D. Smith, Guy E. Garnett


TedStick: a Tangible Electrophonic Drumstick

Cory Levinson


Two Shared Rapid Turn Taking Sound Interfaces for Novices

Anne-Marie Skriver Hansen, Hans Jørgen Andersen, Pirkko Raudaskoski


Mobile Controls On-The-Fly: An Abstraction for Distributed NIMEs

Charles Roberts, Graham Wakefield, Matthew Wright


A Voice Interface for Sound Generators: Adaptive and Automatic Mapping of Gestures to Sound

Stefano Fasciani, Lonce Wyse


The Dual-Analog Gamepad as a Practical Platform for Live Electronics Instrument and Interface Design

Christopher Ariza


FutureGrab: A wearable synthesizer using vowel formants

Yoonchang Han, Jinsoo Na, Kyogu Lee