Monday May 21-Wednesday May 23 Installations


Wisker Organ

Alison Kotin

Location League 2nd Floor Lobby Concourse

Aura: Presence/ without_ Manual

Esther Lemi and Jan Schacher

Location Duderstadt

Ambiguous Devices

Paul Stapleton and Tom Davis

Location Mendellsohn 2nd Floor Lobby Concourse

puShy - a tactile sonic interface

Roberto Pugliese

Location Duderstadt

Cryoacoustic Orb

Jonathon Kirk and Lee Weisert

Location League 2nd Floor Kalamazoo

Strings – Luisa Pereira Hors,

Monica Bate, and Johann Diedrick

Location Duderstadt

Social Structure [Construction no.1]

Jesse Allison, Nick Hwang, Michael Straus

Location League 2nd Floor Hussey

Mutatis Mutandis

Nolan Lem, Tristan Telander, and Kip Haaheim

Location League 2nd Floor Vandenberg


Michael Rosen and Eszter Ozsvald

Location Duderstadt

Cor Cordis

Clare Cullen and Evan Morgan

Location League 2nd Floor Hussey