Koessler: Monday May 21, 2012                              1:30-2:30 Poster Session I



Real-Time Music Notation, Collaborative Improvisation, and Laptop Ensembles

Sang Won Lee, Jason Freeman, Andrew Collela


Tok! : A Collaborative Acoustic Instrument using Mobile Phones

Sang Won Lee, Ajay Srinivasamurthy, Gregoire Tronel, Weibin Shen, Jason Freeman


Towards Speeding Audio EQ Interface Building with Transfer Learning

Bryan Pardo, David Little, Darren Gergle


An Interface for Emotional Expression in Audio-Visuals

Kamer Ali Yuksel, Sinan Buyukbas, Elif Ayiter


Play-A-Grill: Music to Your Teeth

Aisen Caro Chacin


Interactive Mobile Music Performance with Digital Compass

Bongjun Kim, Woon Seung Yeo


Multiple Pianolas in Antheil’s Ballet mécanique

Paul D. Lehrman


A Component-Based Approach for Modeling Plucked-Guitar Excitation Signals

Raymond V. Migneco, Youngmoo E. Kim


Graphic Score Grammars for End-Users

Alistair G. Stead, Alan F. Blackwell, Samuel Aaron


Mapping to musical actions in the FILTER system

Doug Van Nort, Jonas Braasch, Pauline Oliveros


Musician Assistance and Score Distribution (MASD)

Nathan Magnus, David Gerhard


A Design Approach to Engage with Audience with Wearable Musical Instruments: Sound Gloves

Chi-Hsia Lai, Koray Tahiroglu


A New Keyboard-Based, Sensor-Augmented Instrument for Live Performance

Red Wierenga


Virtual Pottery: An Interactive Audio-Visual Installation

Yoon Chung Han, Byeong-jun Han


A Survey and Thematic Analysis Approach as Input to the Design of Mobile Music GUIs

Atau Tanaka, Adam Parkinson, Zack Settel, Koray Tahiroglu


Ecological considerations for participatory design of DMIs

A. Cavan Fyans, Adnan Marquez-Borbon, Paul Stapleton, Michael Gurevich


Sensor Based Measurements of Musicians’ Synchronization Issues

T. Grosshauser, V. Candia, H. Hildebrandt, G. Tröster


Gest-O: Performer Gestures Used to Expand the Sounds of the Saxophone

John Melo, Daniel Gómez, Miguel Vargas


The Human Skin as an Interface for Musical Expression

Alexander Müller-Rakow, Jochen Fuchs


Making Sound Synthesis Accessible to Children

Christoph Trappe


Developing the Dance Jockey System for Musical Interaction with the Xsens MVN Suit

Ståle A. Skogstad, Kristian Nymoen, Yago de Quay, Alexander Refsum Jensenius


Introducing CrossMapper: Another Tool for Mapping Musical Control Parameters

Liam O’Sullivan, Dermot Furlong, Frank Boland