Koessler: Wednesday May 23, 2012                       1:30-2:30 Poster Session II



Drum Stroke Computing: Multimodal Signal Processing for Drum Stroke Identification and Performance Metrics

Jordan Hochenbaum, Ajay Kapur


A Comparative User Study of Two Methods of Control on a Multi-Touch Surface for Musical Expression

Blake Johnston, Owen Vallis, Ajay Kapur


A Reactive Environment for Dynamic Volume Control

Dalia El-Shimy, Thomas Hermann, Jeremy Cooperstock


Palm-area sensitivity to vibrotactile stimuli above 1 kHz

Lonce Wyse, Suranga Nanayakkara, Paul Seekings, Sim Heng Ong, Elizabeth Taylor


Strategies for Engagement in Computer-Mediated Musical Performance

James Nesfield


EnActor: A Blueprint for a Whole Body Interaction Design Software Platform

Vangelis Lympouridis


Considering Audience’s View Towards an Evaluation Methodology for Digital Musical Instruments

Jerônimo Barbosa, Filipe Calegario, Verônica Teichrieb, Geber Ramalho, Patrick McGlynn


Development and Evaluation of a ZigFlea-based Wireless Transceiver Board for CUI32

Jim Torresen, Øyvind N. Hauback, Dan Overholt, Alexander Refsum Jensenius


Perfect Take: Experience design and new interfaces for musical expression

Nicolas Makelberge, Álvaro Barbosa, André Perrotta, Luís Sarmento Ferreira


A Customizable Sensate Surface for Music Control

Nan-Wei Gong, Nan Zhao, Joseph A. Paradiso


LOLbot: Machine Musicianship in Laptop Ensembles

Sidharth Subramanian, Jason Freeman, Scott McCoid


Kugelschwung - a Pendulum-based Musical Instrument

Jamie Henson, Benjamin Collins, Alexander Giles, Kathryn Webb, Matthew Livingston, Thomas Mortensson


A Dimension Space for Evaluating Collaborative Musical Performance Systems

Ian Hattwick, Marcelo Wanderley


Using a seeing/blindfolded paradigm to study audience experiences of live-electronic performances with voice

Andreas Bergsland, Tone Åse


Exploring audio and tactile qualities of instrumentality with bowed string simulations

Olivier Tache, Stephen Sinclair, Jean-Loup Florens, Marcelo Wanderley


Optoelectronic Acquisition and Control Board for Musical Applications

Avrum Hollinger, Marcelo M. Wanderley


Bowing a vibration-enhanced force feedback device

Marcello Giordano, Stephen Sinclair, Marcelo M. Wanderley


DIY Hybrid Analog/Digital Modular Synthesis

Greg Surges


Patchwork: Multi-User Network Control of a Massive Modular Synthesizer

Brian Mayton, Gershon Dublon, Nicholas Joliat, Joseph A. Paradiso