Michigan - Monday May 21, 2012                          1:30-2:30 Posters & Demos


Augmented Piano Performance using a Depth Camera

Qi Yang, Georg Essl


TC-11: A Programmable Multi-Touch Synthesizer for the iPad

Kevin Schlei


Pencil Fields: An Expressive Low-Tech Performance Interface for Analog Synthesis

Palle Dahlstedt


The Planetarium as a Musical Instrument

Dale E. Parson, Phillip A. Reed


The JD-1: an Implementation of a Hybrid Keyboard/Sequencer Controller for Analog Synthesizers

Jeff Snyder, Andrew McPherson


Musical Interaction Design with the CUI32Stem: Wireless Options and the GROVE system for prototyping new interfaces

Dan Overholt


The Music Ball Project: Concept, Design, Development, Performance

Alexander Refsum Jensenius, Arve Voldsund


Many-Person Instruments for Computer Music Performance

Michael Rotondo, Nick Kruge, Ge Wang


Kritaanjali: A Robotic Harmonium for Performance, Pedogogy and Research

Ajay Kapur, Jim Murphy, Dale Carnegie


Better Drumming Through Calibration: Techniques for Pre-Performance Robotic Percussion Optimization

Jim Murphy, Ajay Kapur, Dale Carnegie