Michigan - Tuesday May 22, 2012                         1:30-2:30 Posters & Demos


WLAN trilateration for musical echolocation in the installation ‘The Network Is A Blind Space

Stelios Manousakis


Granular Learning Objects for Instrument Design and Collaborative Performance in K-12 Education

Ivica Bukvic, Liesl Baum, Bennett Layman, Kendall Woodard


SABRe: The Augmented Bass Clarinet

Sébastien Schiesser, Jan C. Schacher


Bubble Drum-agog-ing: Polyrhythm Games & Other Inter Activities

Jay Alan Jackson


Direct and surrogate sensing for the Gyil african xylophone

Shawn Trail, Tiago Fernandes Tavares, Dan Godlovitch, George Tzanetakis


Temporal Control In the EyeHarp Gaze-Controlled Musical Interface

Zacharias Vamvakousis, Rafael Ramirez


Crossole: A Gestural Interface for Composition, Improvisation and Performance using Kinect

Sertan Sentürk, Sang Won Lee, Avinash Sastry, Anosh Daruwalla, Gil Weinberg