Room C                                                                 1:30-2:30 Posters & Demos


Monday May 21, 2012


Simpletones: A System of Collaborative Physical Controllers for Novices

Francisco Zamorano


Tuesday May 22nd 2012


MAGE – A Platform for Tangible Speech Synthesis

Maria Astrinaki, Nicolas d’Alessandro, Thierry Dutoit


Investigation of Gesture Controlled Articulatory Vocal Synthesizer using a Bio-Mechanical Mapping Layer

Johnty Wang, Nicolas d’Alessandro, Sidney Fels, Robert Pritchard


A Digital Mobile Choir: Joining Two Interfaces towards Composing and Performing Collaborative Mobile Music

Nicolas d’Alessandro, Aura Pon, Johnty Wang, David Eagle, Ehud Sharlin, Sidney Fels


Wednesday May 23rd 2012


Recontextualizing the Multi-touch Surface

Patrick McGlynn, Victor Lazzarini, Gordon Delap, Xiaoyu Chen