Sunday, May 20, 2012

Half-day morning workshops


A NIME PrimerWorkshop (Room 2725, BBB Building)

Sidney Fels and Michael Lyons


Musical Interaction Design with the CUI32Stem: Wireless Options and the

GROVE system for prototyping new interfaces (Room 4941, BBB Building)

Dan Overholt CANCELED


DIY Haptics for Musical Expression (X50 Lab, GGB Building)

Bill Verplank and Brent Gillespie


Half-day afternoon workshops


Building iOS apps with Max/MSP and RTcmix (Room 4901, BBB Building)

Damon Holzborn


A Hands-On Workshop on Gesture Recognition and Machine Learning for

Real Time Musical Interaction (Room 3725, BBB Building)

Nicholas Gillian and Rebecca Fiebrink


Full-day workshops


Actuated Acoustic Instruments (Room 3901, BBB Building)

Andrew McPherson, Edgar Berdahl, Jeff Snyder and N. Cameron Britt


Soft Circuitry and Synthesizers (Design Lab 1, Duderstadt Center)

Sarah Grant and Lara Grant