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Doctor of Philosophy Alumni

  • Chun Ying Chen, Ph.D. Thesis (EE), "High Performance Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Thin-Film Transistor Structure," May 1997.
  • Chun-Sung Chiang, Ph.D. Thesis (EE), "Electrical Characteristics of Top-Gate Staggered Amorphous Silicon Thin-Film Transistors," June 1998.
  • Je-Hsiung Lan, Ph.D. Thesis (EE), "Planarization of Amorphous-Silicon Thin-Film Transistors for High-Aperture-Ratio and Large-Area Active-Matrix Liquid Crystal Display," December 1998.
  • Shaoqin Gong, Ph.D. Thesis (Materials Science and Engineering), "Advanced Materials and Techniques for Improving the Viewing Angle Characteristics of AMLCDs," April 1999.
  • Tong Li, Ph.D. Thesis (EE), "Advanced Processes and Characterization of Amorphous Silicon Thin-Film Transistors," January 2000.
  • Yi He, Ph.D. Thesis (Applied Physics), "Polyfluorene Light-Emitting Devices and a-Si:H TFT Pixel Circuits for Active-Matrix Organic Light Emitting Displays," June 2000.
  • Jeong-Yeop Nahm, Ph.D. Thesis (EE), "Amorphous Silicon Thin-Film Transistor Active-Matrix for Reflective Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Displays," December 2000.
  • Joohan Kim, Ph.D. Thesis (EE), "Gate-Planarized and Aluminum-Gate Fully Self-Aligned Amorphous Silicon Thin-Film Transistors for Large-Area and High-Resolution Active-Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays (AMLCDs)," 2000.
  • Yongtaek Hong, Ph. D. Thesis (EE), "Active-Matrix Organic Polymer Light-Emitting Display: Light Emitting Devices and Pixel Electrode Circuit," 2003.
  • Shu-jen Lee, Ph. D. Thesis (Macromolecular Science and Engineering), "Organic Polymer Light-Emitting Devices: Optical Modeling, Engineering and Evaluation of Opto-Electronic Properties," 2004.
  • Michael C. Hamilton, Ph.D. Thesis (EE), "Polyfluorene-Based Organic Field-Effect Transistors," 2005.
  • Patrick B. Shea, Ph.D. Thesis (EE), "Electronic Properties of Porphyrin-Based Organic Transistors,” 2006.
  • Aaron R. Johnson, Ph.D. Thesis (Macromolecular Science and Engineering), "White-Light Generation and OLED Lifetime Issues”, 2008.
  • Gwanghyeon Baek
  • Linsen Bie
  • Che-Hung Liu
  • Geonwook Yoo
  • Rui Zhang
  • Soo Chang Kim
  • Yongsu Lee
  • Che-Lin Huang
  • Gokul Prakash



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