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Inverted Organic Photodetectors with DMD Top Illumination Transparent Anode

Hyunsoo Kim, Kyu-Tae Lee, Chumin Zhao, L. Jay Guo and Jerzy Kanicki

We demonstrated a top-anode, top-illumination organic photodetector with engineered MoO3/Ag/MoO3 Dielectric/Metal/Dielectric (DMD) semi-transparent electrode that could be used for various opto-electronic applications including cost-effective large area imager or visible light communication. The fabricated DMD transparent electrode showed the maximum optical transmittance of 85.7% with Rsheet = 6.2 Ω/sq, which outperforms conventional ITO values used in such applications. Optical simulation and experimental measurement are conducted to investigate the effect of the DMD semi-transparent electrode on OPD to yield a high detectivity of 5.25x1011 Jones.  The OPDs with inverted structure will enhance significantly the stability of the OPD; and the top in-coupling MoO3 layer possibly allows direct deposition of scintillator material over OPD for a high performance X-ray imager. The methodology for fabricating top transparent DMD anode shown in this research can be beneficial for low-cost, facile integration of photodetectors on imager and communication system. Therefore, we believe the results in this work will benefit the imager research society as well as photodetectors and flat panel displays for large area applications.




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