Before downloading, there are a few things that should be noted:

1)  The output for the benchmarks was generated using an x86 machine running Redhat Linux 7.2.  This architecture is known to generate machine specific output for some of the benchmarks, especially for benchmarks that generate floating point numbers.  This should be considered when comparing our output with yours.

2)   Several of the benchmarks create output files that can be viewed with external programs (i.e. wav/mp3 players, image viewers, postscript viewers, etc.).  These viewers can be used to verify that the output "looks or sounds" right.  In other cases, the benchmarks can simply have their outputs diff'ed with our outputs to verify correctness.

The following tar'ed and gzip'ed files contain the output for each of the different program groups of MiBench: 

automotive_output.tar.gz (4.1 MB)

consumer_output.tar.gz (36.2 MB)

network_output.tar.gz (396 KB)

office_output.tar.gz (1.1 MB)

security_output.tar.gz (7.2 MB)

telecomm_output.tar.gz (33.5 MB)

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