MiBench Version 1.0


Welcome to the homepage for MiBench:  a free, commercially representative embedded benchmark suite.

University of Michigan at Ann Arbor - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department


    For technical questions, email the developer's list:  mibench-devel@umich.edu
    For general announcements, email the announcement list:  mibench-announce@umich.edu



    Matthew Guthaus - mrg@soe.ucsc.edu 

    Jeff Ringenberg -  jringenb@umich.edu 

    Todd Austin - taustin@eecs.umich.edu 

    Trevor Mudge - tnm@eecs.umich.edu 


    Richard Brown - brown@umich.edu


Source Code


Sample Output


ARM Binaries


Paper (pdf) - MiBench: A free, commercially representative embedded benchmark suite by Matthew R. Guthaus, Jeffrey S. Ringenberg, Dan Ernst, Todd M. Austin, Trevor Mudge, Richard B. Brown, IEEE 4th Annual Workshop on Workload Characterization, Austin, TX, December 2001.


Future Improvements:

  • Create precompiled binaries
  • Add support for more target systems
  • Add several new benchmarks (apache)
  • Standardize random number generation
  • Create a standard README file support system
  • Tweak input files

Recent Events:

  • 03-19-2002 - x86-linux sample output posted on webpage. Check it out.
  • 02-20-2002 - Source code moved, sorry to those that missed it at first
  • 12-02-2001 - MiBench 1.0 hits the scene at WWC-4
  • 11-17-2001 - MiBench 1.0 Homepage Launched
  • 11-09-2001 - MiBench 1.0 Homepage (pre-release) created and put up for review