NIME 2012: Online Proceedings

Full Proceedings: Full Proceedings (bibtex)
Monday May 21
11:00-12:30    Paper Session I (Actuation and Visualization) - Ballroom
11:00-11:25    Pencil Fields: An Expressive Low-Tech Performance Interface for Analog Synthesis
Palle Dahlstedt
University of Gothenburg
11:25-11:45    Left and right-hand guitar playing techniques detection
Loïc Reboursière,  Otso Lähdeoja,  Thomas Drugman,  Stéphane Dupont,  Cécile Picard-Limpens,  Nicolas Riche
UMONS - Numediart Institue
11:45-12:10    Temporal Control In the EyeHarp Gaze-Controlled Musical Interface
Zacharias Vamvakousis and Rafael Ramirez
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
12:10-12:30    Investigation of Gesture Controlled Articulatory Vocal Synthesizer using a Bio-Mechanical Mapping Layer
Johnty Wang,  Nicolas d'Alessandro,  Sidney Fels,  Robert Pritchard
University of British Columbia
2:30-3:30    Paper Session II (Augmented Instruments I) - Ballroom
3:30-3:50    Further Developments in the Electromagnetically Sustained Rhodes Piano
Greg Shear1 and Matthew Wright2
3:50-4:10    Augmenting human-human interaction in mobile group improvisation
Roberto Pugliese1,2,  Koray Tahiroglu1,  Callum Goddard1,  James Nesfield1
1Department of Media, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, 2Department of Media Technology, Aalto University School of Science
4:10-4:30    The EMvibe: An Electromagnetically Actuated Vibraphone
N. Cameron Britt1,  Jeff Snyder1,  Andrew McPherson2
1Princeton University, 2Queen Mary University of London
4:00-5:00    Paper Session III (Gesture) - Ballroom
4:00-4:20    Musical Interaction with Hand Posture and Orientation: A Toolbox of Gestural Control Mechanisms
Thomas Mitchell1 and Sebastian Madgwick2
1University of the West of England, 2University of Bristol
4:20-4:40    Digito: A Fine-Grain Gesturally Controlled Virtual Musical Instrument
Nicholas Gillian and Joseph A. Paradiso
Media Lab, MIT
4:40-5:00    Voicon: An Interactive Gestural Microphone For Vocal Performance
Yongki Park,  Hoon Heo,  Kyogu Lee
Seoul National University
Tuesday May 22
9:00-10:30    Paper Session IV (Tabletop/Multitouch/Laptop) - Ballroom
9:00-9:25    Towards fast multi-point force and hit detection in tabletops using mechanically intercoupled force sensing resisors
Mathieu Bosi and Sergi Jordà
Reactable Systems S.L., Music Technology Group, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain
9:25-9:45    TouchKeys: Capacitive Multi-Touch Sensing on a Physical Keyboard
Andrew McPherson
Queen Mary University of London
9:45-10:05    Wicked Problems and Design Considerations in Composing for Laptop Orchestra
Luke Dahl
CCRMA, Stanford University
10:05-10:30    Collaborative composition and socially constituted instruments: Ensemble laptop performance through the lens of ethnography
Graham Booth1 and Michael Gurevich2
1Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2School of Music, Theatre and Dance, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
11:00-12:30    Paper Session V (Machine Learning) - Ballroom
11:00-11:20    Unsupervised Play: Machine Learning Toolkit for Max
Benjamin D. Smith and Guy E. Garnett
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
11:20-11:45    Exploring Reinforcement Learning for Mobile Percussive Collaboration
Nate Derbinsky and Georg Essl
University of Michigan
11:45-12:05    Liveness and Flow in Notation Use
Chris Nash and Alan Blackwell
University of Cambridge
12:05-12:30    Movement to emotions to music: using whole body emotional expression as an interaction for electronic music generation
Alexis Clay1,  Nadine Couture2,  Myriam Desainte-Catherine3,  Pierre-Henri Vulliard3,  Joseph Larralde3,  Elodie Decarsin4
2:30-3:30    Paper Session VI (Mobile) - Ballroom
2:30-2:50    Comparing Motion Data from an iPod Touch to a High-End Optical Infrared Marker-Based Motion Capture System
Kristian Nymoen1,  Arve Voldsund2,  Alexander Refsum Jensenius2,  Ståle A. Skogstad1,  Jim Torresen1
1University of Oslo, Department of Informatics, 2University of Oslo, Department of Musicology
2:50-3:10    massMobile - an Audience Participation Framework
Nathan Weitzner1,  Jason Freeman1,  Stephen Garrett2,  Yan-Ling Chen1
1Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, Atlanta GA, 2Georgia Tech School of Interactive Computing, Atlanta GA
3:10-3:30    AuRal: A Mobile Interactive System for Geo-Locative Audio Synthesis
Jesse Allison and Christian Dell
Louisiana State University
Wednesday May 23
9:00-10:30    Paper Session VII (Augmented Instruments II) - Ballroom
9:00-9:20    Extracting Human Expression For Interactive Composition with the Augmented Violin
Mari Kimura1,  Nicolas Rasamimanana2,  Frédéric Bevilacqua3,  Norbert Schnell3,  Bruno Zamborlin3,  Emmanuel Fléty3
1The Juilliard School, 2Phonotonic, IRCAM, 3IRCAM
9:20-9:45    A Quantitative Comparison of Position Trackers for the Development of a Touch-less Musical Interface
Gabriel Vigliensoni and Marcelo M. Wanderley
CIRMMT / McGill University
9:45-10:05    SABRe: The Augmented Bass Clarinet
Sébastien Schiesser and Jan C. Schacher
10:05-10:30    Direct and surrogate sensing for the Gyil african xylophone
Shawn Trail,  Tiago Fernandes Tavares,  Dan Godlovitch,  George Tzanetakis
University of Victoria
2:30-3:30    Paper Session VIII (Hardware Platforms & Toolkits) - Ballroom
2:30-2:50    Musical Interaction Design with the CUI32Stem: Wireless Options and the GROVE system for prototyping new interfaces
Dan Overholt
Aalborg University, Denmark
2:50-3:10    The JD-1: an Implementation of a Hybrid Keyboard/Sequencer Controller for Analog Synthesizers
Jeff Snyder1 and Andrew McPherson2
1Princeton Univeristy, 2Queen Mary University of London
3:10-3:30    Music for Sleeping & Waking Minds (paper submission)
Gascia Ouzounian1,  R. Benjamin Knapp2,  Eric Lyon1,  Luke DuBois3
1Queen's University Belfast, 2Virginia Tech, 3Polytechnic Institute of NYU
4:00-5:00    Paper Session IX (Augmented Instruments III) - Ballroom
4:00-4:20    Techniques and Circuits for Electromagnetic Instrument Actuation
Andrew McPherson
Queen Mary University of London
4:20-4:40    OMaxist Dialectics: Capturing, Visualizing and Expanding Improvisations
Benjamin Levy1,  Georges Bloch2,  Gerard Assayag1
4:40-5:00    An Electronic Bagpipe Chanter for Automatic Recognition of Highland Piping Ornamentation
Duncan Menzies and Andrew McPherson
Queen Mary University of London
   Posters and Demos
Monday May 21
1:30-2:30    Posters - Koessler
   Towards Speeding Audio EQ Interface Building with Transfer Learning
Bryan Pardo,  David Little,  Darren Gergle
Northwestern University
   Better Drumming Through Calibration: Techniques for Pre-Performance Robotic Percussion Optimization
Jim Murphy1,  Ajay Kapur2,  Dale Carnegie1
1Victoria University of Wellington, 2California Institute of the Arts
   An Interface for Emotional Expression in Audio-Visuals
Kamer Ali Yuksel,  Sinan Buyukbas,  Elif Ayiter
Sabanci University
   Play-A-Grill: Music To Your Teeth
Aisen Caro Chacin
Parsons The New School
   Interactive Mobile Music Performance with Digital Compass
Bongjun Kim and Woon Seung Yeo
Audio & Interactive Media (AIM) Lab, Graduate School of Culture Technology, KAIST
   Multiple Pianolas in Antheil’s Ballet mécanique
Paul Lehrman
Tufts University Department of Music
   A Component-Based Approach for Modeling Plucked-Guitar Excitation Signals
Raymond Migneco and Youngmoo Kim
Drexel University
   Graphic Score Grammars for End-Users
Alistair G. Stead,  Alan F. Blackwell,  Samual Aaron
University of Cambridge
   Mapping to musical actions in the FILTER system
Doug Van Nort,  Jonas Braasch,  Pauline Oliveros
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
   Musician Assistance and Score Distribution (MASD)
Nathan Magnus and David Gerhard
University of Regina
   A Design Approach to Engage with Audience with Wearable Musical Instruments: Sound Gloves
Chi-Hsia Lai and Koray Tahiroglu
Department of Media, Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture
   A New Keyboard-Based, Sensor-Augmented Instrument For Live Performance
Red Wierenga
The Graduate Center of the City University of New York
   Virtual Pottery: An Interactive Audio-Visual Installation
Yoon Chung Han1 and Byeong-jun Han2
1University of California, Santa Barbara, 2Korea University
   A Survey and Thematic Analysis Approach as Input to the Design of Mobile Music GUIs
Atau Tanaka1,  Adam Parkinson2,  Zack Settel3,  Koray Tahiroglu4
1Goldsmiths Digital Studios, 2Culture Lab Newcastle, 3University of Montreal, 4Aalto University
   Ecological considerations for participatory design of DMIs
A. Cavan Fyans1,  Adnan Marquez-Borbon2,  Paul Stapleton2,  Michael Gurevich3
1Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University Belfast, 2Queen's University Belfast, 3University of Michigan
   Sensor Based Measurements of Musicians’ Synchronization Issues
Tobias Grosshauser1,  Victor Candia2,  Horst Hildebrand3,  Gerhard Tröster4
1ETH Zurich, 2Collegium Helveticum, 3Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, 4Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
   Gest-O: Performer gestures used to expand the sounds of the saxophone
Jonh Melo1,  Daniel Gómez1,  Miguel Vargas2
1Universidad ICESI, 2Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano
   The Human Skin as an Interface for Musical Expression
Alexander Müller and Jochen Fuchs
Berlin, University of the Arts
   Making Sound Synthesis Accessible for Children
Christoph Trappe
   Developing the Dance Jockey System for Musical Interaction with the Xsens MVN Suit
Ståle A. Skogstad1,  Kristian Nymoen1,  Yago de Quay2,  Alexander Refsum Jensenius3
1University of Oslo, Department of Informatics, 2University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering, 3University of Oslo, Department of Musicology
   Introducing CrossMapper: Another Tool for Mapping Musical Control Parameters
Liam O'Sullivan,  Dermot Furlong,  Frank Boland
Trinity College Dublin
   Poster+Demo - Room B
   Music for Flesh II: informing interactive music performance with the viscerality of the body system
Marco Donnarumma
The University of Edinburgh
   Demo - Room C
   Simpletones: A System of Collaborative Physical Controllers for Novices
Francisco Zamorano
Parsons The New School For Design
   Posters+Demos - Henderson
Tomas Henriques
Buffalo State College
   DrumTop: Playing with Everyday Objects
Akito van Troyer
MIT Media Lab
   The ‘Interactive Music Awareness Program’ (IMAP) for Cochlear Implant Users
Benjamin R. Oliver,  Rachel M. van Besouw,  David R. Nicholls
University of Southampton, UK
   The Sound Space as Musical Instrument: Playing Corpus-Based Concatenative Synthesis
Diemo Schwarz
   SenSynth: a Mobile Application for Dynamic Sensor to Sound Mapping
Ryan McGee1,  Daniel Ashbrook2,  Sean White2
1UCSB, 2Nokia Research Center
   The electrumpet, additions and revisions
Hans Leeuw
HKU (school of the arts, Utrecht)
   Borderlands - An Audiovisual Interface for Granular Synthesis
Chris Carlson and Ge Wang
Stanford University/CCRMA
   A Voice Interface for Sound Generators: adaptive and automatic mapping of gestures to sound
National University of Singapore
   The Dual-Analog Gamepad as a Practical Platform for Live Electronics Instrument and Interface Design
Christopher Ariza
   Posters+Demos - Room D
   MuDI - Multimedia Digital Instrument for Composing and Performing Digital Music for Films in Real-time
Pedro Patrício
Portuguese Catholic University School of Arts (EA-UCP) / Research Center for Science and Technology in the Arts (CITAR), Rua Diogo Botelho 1327, 4169-005 Porto-Portugal
   The body as mediator of music in the Emotion Light
Adinda Rosa van 't Klooster
University of Sunderland
   Studying Aesthetics in a Musical Interface Design Process Through ‘Aesthetic Experience Prism’
Matti Luhtala1,  Ilkka Niemeläinen2,  Johan Plomp3,  Markku Turunen1,  Julius Tuomisto4
1University of Tampere, 2Music Makers, 3Technological Research Center of Finland, 4Delicode
   Sinkapater - An Untethered Beat Sequencer
Jiffer Harriman
CCRMA, Stanford University
   LoopJam: turning the dance floor into a collaborative instrumental map
Christian Frisson,  Stéphane Dupont,  Julien Leroy,  Alexis Moinet,  Thierry Ravet,  Xavier Siebert,  Thierry Dutoit
University of Mons (UMONS), TCTS lab
   PocoPoco: A Kinetic Musical Interface With Electro-Magnetic Levitation Units
Yuya Kikukawa,  Takaharu Kanai,  Tatsuhiko Suzuki,  Toshiki Yoshiike,  Tetsuaki Baba,  Kumiko Kushiyama
Graduate School of System Design, Tokyo Metropolitan University
   Posters+Demos - Michigan
   Augmented Piano Performance using a Depth Camera
Qi Yang and Georg Essl
University of Michigan
   TC-11: A Programmable Multi-Touch Synthesizer for the iPad
Kevin Schlei
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
   The Planetarium as a Musical Instrument
Dale Parson and Phillip Reed
Kutztown University of PA
   SoundStrand: a Tangible Interface for Composing Music with Limited Degrees of Freedom
Eyal Shahar
MIT Media Lab
   The Music Ball Project: Concept, Design, Development, Performance
Jensenius Alexander Refsum and Voldsund Arve
University of Oslo
   Many-Person Instruments for Computer Music Performance
Michael Rotondo,  Nick Kruge,  Ge Wang
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), Stanford
   Kritaanjali: A Robotic Harmonium for Performance, Pedogogy and Research
Ajay Kapur1,  Jim Murphy2,  Dale Carnegie2
1California Institute of the Arts, 2Victoria University of Wellington
Tuesday May 22
1:30-2:30    Posters+Demos - Michigan
   Bubble Drum-agog-ing: Polyrhythm Games & Other Inter Activities
Jay Alan Jackson
Rochester Institute of Technology
   The ‘Interface’ in Site-Specific Sound Installation
Kirsty Beilharz1 and Aengus Martin2
1University of Technology, Sydney, 2University of Sydney
   Non-invasive sensing and gesture control for pitched percussion hyper-instruments using the Kinect
Shawn Trail,  Michael Dean,  Gabrielle Odowichuk,  Tiago Fernandes Tavares,  Peter Driessen,  W. Andrew Schloss,  George Tzanetakis
University of Victoria
   Real-time Modification of Music with Dancer’s Respiration Pattern
Jeong-seob Lee and Woon Seung Yeo
Audio and Interactive Media (AIM) Lab, Graduate School of Culture Technology, KAIST
   Performing experimental music by physical simulation
Julien Castet
Université Bordeaux, LaBRI
   Wireless Interactive Sensor Platform for Real-Time Audio-Visual Experience
Jia-Liang Lu1,  Da-Lei Fang2,  Yi Qin2,  Jiu-Qiang Tang3
1Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2Shanghai Conservatory of Music, 3Carnegie Mellon University
   The Gesturally Extended Piano
William Brent
American University
   Electric Slide Organistrum
Martin Piñeyro
   NIME Education at the HKU, Emphasizing performance
Hans Leeuw and Jorrit Tamminga
HKU (school of the arts Utrecht)
   First Life - Imagining the Chemical Origins of Life
Steve Everett
Emory University, Atlanta
   Granular Learning Objects for Instrument Design and Collaborative Performance in K-12 Education
Ivica Bukvic,  Liesl Baum,  Bennett Layman,  Kendall Woodard
Virginia Tech
   Kinetic Light Drums / Community Beacons
Matthew McCormack and Jenn Figg
Towson University
   DIRTI — Dirty Tangible Interfaces
Matthieu Savary1,  Diemo Schwarz2,  Denis Pellerin1
1UserStudio, 2Ircam–CNRS–UPMC
   Poster+Demo - Room B
   Tweet Harp: Laser Harp Generating Voice and Text of Real-time Tweets in Twitter
Ayaka Endo,  Takuma Moriyama,  Yasuo Kuhara
Tokyo Polytechnic University
   Posers+Demos - Room C
   MAGE – A Platform for Tangible Speech Synthesis
Maria Astrinaki,  Nicolas d’Alessandro,  Thierry Dutoit
University of Mons
   A Digital Mobile Choir: Joining Two Interfaces towards Composing and Performing Collaborative Mobile Music
Nicolas d'Alessandro1,  Aura Pon2,  Johnty Wang3,  David Eagle2,  Ehud Sharlin2,  Sidney Fels3
1University of Mons, 2University of Calgary, 3University of British Columbia
Wednesday May 23
1:30-2:30    Posters - Koessler
   Real-Time Music Notation, Collaborative Improvisation, and Laptop Ensembles
Sang Won Lee,  Jason Freeman,  Andrew Collela
Georgia Tech. Center for Music Technology
   Drum Stroke Computing: Multimodal Signal Processing for Drum Stroke Identification and Performance Metrics
Jordan Hochenbaum1 and Ajay Kapur2
1New Zealand School of Music, 2California Institute of the Arts
   A Comparative User Study of Two Methods of Control on a Multi-Touch Surface for Musical Expression
Blake Johnston1,  Owen Vallis1,  Ajay Kapur2
1New Zealand School of Music Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, 2California Institute of the Arts 24700 McBean Pkwy Valencia, CA 91355
   Tok! : A Collaborative Acoustic Instrument using Mobile Phones
Sang Won Lee,  Ajay Srinivasamurthy,  Gregoire Tronel,  Weibin Shen,  Jason Freeman
Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology
   A Reactive Environment for Dynamic Volume Control
Dalia El-Shimy1,  Thomas Hermann2,  Jeremy Cooperstock1
1McGill University, 2Universitat Bielefeld
   Palm-area sensitivity to vibrotactile stimuli above 1 kHz
Lonce Wyse1,  Suranga Nanayakkara2,  Paul Seekings1,  Sim Heng Ong1,  Elizabeth Taylor1
1National University of Singapore, 2Singapore University of Technology and Design
   WLAN trilateration for musical echolocation in the installation ‘The Network Is A Blind Space’
Stelios Manousakis
University of Washington (DXARTS)
   Strategies for Engagement in Computer-Mediated Musical Performance
James Nesfield
Aalto University
   EnActor: A Blueprint for a Whole Body Interaction Design Software Platform
Vangelis Lympouridis
The University of Edinburgh
   Considering Audience's View Towards an Evaluation Methodology for Digital Musical Instruments
Jerônimo Barbosa1,  Filipe Calegario1,  Verônica Teichrieb1,  Geber Ramalho1,  Patrick McGlynn2
1Centro de Informática, UFPE, Brazil, 2An Grúpa Theicneolaíocht Fuaime agus Ceoil Dhigitigh, NUI Maynooth, Ireland
   Development and Evaluation of a ZigFlea-based Wireless Transceiver Board for CUI32
Jim Torresen1,  Øyvind N. Hauback1,  Dan Overholt2,  Alexander Refsum Jensenius1
1University of Oslo, 2Aalborg University
   Perfect Take: Experience design and new interfaces for musical expression
Nicolas Makelberge,  Álvaro Barbosa,  André Perrotta,  Luís Sarmento Ferreira
   A Customizable Sensate Surface for Music Control
Nan-Wei Gong,  Nan Zhao,  Joseph Paradiso
MIT Media Lab
   LOLbot: Machine Musicianship in Laptop Ensembles
Sidharth Subramanian,  Jason Freeman,  Scott McCoid
Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology
   Kugelschwung - a Pendulum-based Musical Instrument
Jamie Henson,  Benjamin Collins,  Alexander Giles,  Kathryn Webb,  Matthew Livingston,  Thomas Mortensson
University of Bristol
   A Dimension Space for Evaluating Collaborative Musical Performance Systems
Ian Hattwick and Marcelo Wanderley
McGill University
   Using a seeing/blindfolded paradigm to study audience experiences of live-electronic performances with voice
Andreas Bergsland and Tone Åse
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
   Exploring audio and tactile qualities of instrumentality with bowed string simulations
Olivier Tache1,  Stephen Sinclair2,  Jean-Loup Florens1,  Marcelo Wanderley2
1ACROE, 2IDMIL - McGill University
   Optoelectronic Acquisition and Control Board for Musical Applications
Avrum Hollinger and Marcelo M. Wanderley
IDMIL, CIRMMT, McGill University
   Bowing a vibration-enhanced force feedback device
Marcello Giordano,  Stephen Sinclair,  Marcelo M. Wanderley
IDMIL, CIRMMT, McGill University
   DIY Hybrid Analog/Digital Modular Synthesis
Greg Surges
UC San Diego, Department of Music
   Patchwork: Multi-User Network Control of a Massive Modular Synthesizer
Brian Mayton,  Gershon Dublon,  Nicholas Joliat,  Joseph A. Paradiso
MIT Media Lab
   Demo - Room B
   The Emotion in Motion Experiment: Using an Interactive Installation as a Means for Understanding Emotional Response to Music
Javier Jaimovich1,  Miguel Ortiz1,  Niall Coghlan1,  R. Benjamin Knapp2
1Sonic Arts Research Centre, 2Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology
   Poster+Demo - Room C
   Recontextualizing the Multi-touch Surface
Patrick McGlynn,  Victor Lazzarini,  Gordon Delap,  Xiaoyu Chen
NUI Maynooth, Ireland
   Posters+Demos - Henderson
   TedStick: A Tangible Electrophonic Drumstick
Cory Levinson
University of Michigan
   Approaches to Interaction in a Digital Music Ensemble
Ian Hattwick1 and Kojiro Umezaki2
1McGill University, 2UC Irvine
   Two Shared Rapid Turn Taking Sound Interfaces for Novices
Anne-Marie Hansen,  Hans Jørgen Andersen,  Pirkko Raudaskoski
Aalborg University
   Mobile Controls On-The-Fly: An Abstraction for Distributed NIMEs
Charles Roberts,  Graham Wakefield,  Matt Wright
   Posters+Demos - Room D
   Musician Maker: Play expressive music without practice
John Buschert
Goshen College
   FutureGrab: A wearable subtractive synthesizer using hand gesture
Yoonchang Han,  Jinsoo Na,  Kyogu Lee
Seoul National University
   Designing for Cumulative Interactivity: The _derivations System
Benjamin Carey
University of Technology, Sydney
   Crossole: A Gestural Interface for Composition, Improvisation and Performance using Kinect
Sertan Şentürk1,  Sang Won Lee2,  Avinash Sastry3,  Anosh Daruwalla2,  Gil Weinberg2
1Music Technology Group, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 2Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, 3Khush Inc.
   From the Eyes to the Ears.
Zacharias Vamvakousis
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
   Posters+Demos - Michigan
   Designing Mappings for Musical Interfaces Using Preset Interpolation
Martin Marier
Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology (CIRMMT), Université de Montréal
   Concept Tahoe: Microphone Midi Control
Dan Moses Schlessinger
Sennheiser Technology & Innovation
   The Deckle Project : A Sketch of Three Sensors
Hongchan Choi,  John Granzow,  Joel Sadler
Stanford University
   Instant Instrument Anywhere: A Self-Contained Capacitive Synthesizer
David Gerhard and Brett Park
University of Regina
   Node and Message Management with the JunctionBox Interaction Toolkit
Lawrence Fyfe1,  Adam Tindale2,  Sheelagh Carpendale1
1University of Calgary, 2Alberta College of Art + Design
   Empathetic Interactive Music Video Experience
Myunghee Lee,  Youngsun Kim,  Gerard Kim
Korea University
   The Fingerphone: a Case Study of Sustainable Instrument Redesign
Adrian Freed
CNMAT - UC Berkeley